Handmade Bespoke Shoes - Gift Experience

Handmade Bespoke Shoes - Gift Experience
Handmade Bespoke Shoes - Gift Experience
Handmade Bespoke Shoes - Gift Experience
Handmade Bespoke Shoes - Gift Experience

Handmade Bespoke Shoes - Gift Experience

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We think that buying a pair of personalised, bespoke shoes is one of the nicest gifts that you can buy someone. You are not only buying some beautifully well-crafted shoes, you are buying them the whole experience of designing them along with our unique crafting journey which just keeps on giving.




If you want to gift our experience, we have created several ways you can do this. You can contribute from £99 to £399 towards the experience by purchasing one of the gift vouchers. All purchases include a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT BOX which we will send out via courier after you have checked out ready for you to present to your lucky recipient.




The average cost of our shoes and experience will be approximately £350 - £450 once we know the final design. Below, you can see several gift amounts you can purchase. Whatever amount you choose will be deducted from the final price on the day we conclude the design.







Firstly, you won't find Hand Dyed Shoe Co. in a shop window. The first thing you'll notice about us is that we're not easy to find; and that is very much part of the charm! Our studios are hidden - think of those secret bars you find hidden in the back of a barber shop or in the basement of a nice hotel - which means your one-hour consultation will be undisturbed. This is your time!









When you arrive, you'll be greeted by your Shoe Guy who will be awaiting your arrival. You will notice the leathery scents of our natural calf skin leather swirling the room as we invite you to explore the display whilst we get your complimentary welcome drink (G&T, beer or a good old cuppa).







Once we've signed off on your design, we'll help you with the correct products you'll need to be able to keep your new hand dyed shoes looking at their very best. There'll also be an opportunity for you to add those all important accessories such as belts and/or wallets to complete the look.








Ahh... we've reached the end of the appointment. After a fond farewell from your Shoe Guy, it's time for  your crafting journey to start! Over the next six weeks, we're going to take you on a shoe craft journey. Think of it like tracking a precious parcel across the globe - we will keep you up to date throughout the craft via email as your unique shoes make their way through our workshop.








Your fitting will consist of five measurements of each foot which will give us everything we need to get make a perfectly snug fit. We take the length of your feet on a Brannock Device, the width of the feet, the heel to arch position, the grading of the first metatarsal head and finally the instep.








Struggling with inspiration. We get it. It's hard sometimes to envisage what your idea might look like. That's why we've built a world class digital workshop which will enable us to customise your design on screen, bringing your creativity to life. After all, it can be tricky to picture an Oxford brogue in hand dyed mustard tan when you're physically looking at it in black.








The moment you've been waiting for. We'll ship your unique shoes to you but that's not the end! Our beautiful packaging comes complete with lots of surprising treats including your Certificate of Provenance, signed by your shoemaker and dye-smeared with his bare finger. The hallmark of your one-of-one shoe artist!




All that's left for you to do now is decide what you're going to wear them with!



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