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What truly sets Needi apart is the exceptional level of communication and relationship management and their unwavering ability to find solutions to even the most complex gifting needs. I would highly recommend Needi to anyone!
INTUIT Quickbooks
Needi made a time consuming and long winded process simple- I asked for gift ideas and they made some great suggestions, and we settled on some beautiful cost effective personalised blankets that were sustainably and ethically sourced. I got great feedback on the blankets, and loved that Needi took care of the whole process from start to finish. I wouldn't hesitate to use Needi again.  
Spotify, UK
We'd be lost without needi! It's been an absolute joy working with the whole team and they have saved us countless hours searching for unique and thoughtful gifts for our team members.
JMW Solicitors

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needi, your go-to stress-free corporate gifting partner, trusted by big names like Spotify, Virgin, Intuit QuickBooks, and KPMG. We're more than just gifts; we're all about making every gesture memorable. We've mastered the art of blending psychology, AI, and the human touch to turn corporate gifting, branded merchandise, and staff wellbeing into easy, enjoyable, and personal experiences. 
As the top choice for the best in the business, our premium concierge service handles it all – from inspiring gift ideas that fit your brand and budget to taking care of the nitty-gritty logistics, like packing, handwritten or video gift tags, and even overseas shipping. We handpick the finest, most unique products from the best local independent businesses, offering eco-friendly and trendy options. We're not just a gifting service; we're champions of ESG initiatives, supporting hundreds of sustainable, female, and minority-owned businesses. 
At needi, we're all about creating lasting connections through meaningful gestures.  Our super-friendly team is here to make your corporate gifting and product-outsourcing stress-free and memorable. 
Join the league of top-notch companies that trust needi for a gifting game that truly stands out. for the gifts that matter. 
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Providing a truly personalised experience by offering bespoke corporate gifts tailored to the unique preferences and branding of each client.

Staying ahead of design trends and offering innovative, stylish gifts that align with contemporary aesthetics and preferences.

Simplifying the customisation process, making it easy for clients to add their branding, messaging, or other personalised elements to gifts.

Emphasising eco-friendly and sustainable gift options, catering to clients with a focus on corporate social responsibility and environmentally conscious practices

Offering efficient global sourcing and delivery solutions, ensuring clients can send gifts to recipients across different regions with ease and reliability.

Providing strategic consultation services to clients, helping  align their corporate gifting strategies with business goals and recipient preferences.

Allowing clients to place orders of varying quantities, from small teams to large-scale corporate events, without compromising on the quality