How to find the perfect present for everyone in your life

When did life become so fast paced that recognising someone in your life by buying them a gift became a chore? Be honest, you know what I mean - we’ve all had that experience of looking at the calendar and realising that a loved ones birthday is coming up and thinking to yourself ‘eeek! I don't have time to think about that!’ And what was the end result? I'm guessing you still got them something, but something that required little thought…something easy…something for the sake of it…am I right?

Let me ask you a question - why do you buy friends and family gifts? Is it down to tradition? Do you buy them because you ‘should?’ because if you don’t you will be judged? Or is it a demonstration of your love for that person, an opportunity to make them smile and take time to appreciate them?

A gift is so much more than the ‘item’ you give - a gift says ‘you’re important to me’, the right gift has the ability to make someone feel appreciated, valued and loved and done right delivers a message of ‘I know you and I took time out to find something I knew you would like’.

In a world that has become increasingly more materialistic, it can be difficult to remember the importance of ‘thought’ when finding the perfect gift. Life moves so fast, everything today is designed to fit easily into our busy lives and the world has adapted around us to accommodate our speedy lifestyles.

A well thought out gift has the ability to raise a smile on the saddest face, bring a tear of happiness to the brightest eyes and touch the heart of a loved one from a million miles away - with that kind of power should we all be trying to make a bit more time to send thoughtful gifts rather than just gifts for the sake of giving?

In theory that's all well and good but in practice, needi know the reality is often difficult to achieve so we want to help…

We have a team of gifting geniuses ready to go. All they need from you is a few details of who you’re buying for and when the occasion is - they’ll do all the hard work for you. The needi gift matchers know all of the amazing gifts on our site so they’ll find thoughtful gift options tailored to your loved one quick - as a flash! You can then choose from a selection of gifts that already meet your criteria.

What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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