Phase 4 Phonics Activity Cards

Phase 4 Phonics Activity Cards
Phase 4 Phonics Activity Cards
Phase 4 Phonics Activity Cards

Phase 4 Phonics Activity Cards

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Learning to read and write has never been so much fun! Practise reading and writing sentences through fun sensory play activities.

Perfect for children in Reception and the Early Years Foundation Stage (aged 4 - 5 years old). 

The Phase 4 phonics cards introduce your child to consonant blend words and polysyllabic words. The activities in this pack also help to develop your child's ability to read and write sentences. You will be amazed at what your child can do once they have completed the Phase 4 activities! 

Each phonics game is simple for you to set up and meaningful and engaging for your child. Packed with over 40 activities, these phonics cards contain everything you need to get your child started with reading and writing. Your child will be having so much fun that they won't realise they are learning. 

- Teaches consonant blend words and polysyllabic words
- Develops ability to read sentences 
- Supports development of writing sentences 

Pack Information 

In Phase 4 children are introduced to consonant blend words, polysyllabic words and reading and writing sentences. There are also 14 tricky words for children to learn.

The tricky words taught in Phase 4 are: 

The pack contains 22 A6 cards: 
- One double sided information card 
- 20 activity cards 
- One tricky words card with three bonus games 

Each activity card includes:
- A main activity
- An extension activity 
- A list of items needed
- A word bank
- A photograph of the activity

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