Mum you Rock- Beauty Gift Set

Mum you Rock- Beauty Gift Set
Mum you Rock- Beauty Gift Set

Mum you Rock- Beauty Gift Set

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Being a mum can sometimes be like walking a fine line between magic and a meltdown. You might struggle to put one foot in front of the other once you’ve finished running around for your little ones, or be 20 minutes late for school pickup,  but there is one thing for sure - you won't be the only one. This bag is for all those mum moments, the great big magical ones where you couldn't smile wider if you wanted to, as well as the ones where perhaps things didn't go to plan. Each product has been carefully chosen to remind you, or a mum you know, that you are doing a great job no matter what and that we think you rock!

Product Overview

  • Cosy Blanket Whipped Soap

  • La Vie 3in1 wash

  • Cotton Baby Wax Melt - 70g?

  • Happy Moments Wax Melt - 70g?

  • Pink Sassy Bag

This bag has everything you need to remind your mum she is more than just your support network. She is a beautiful woman in her own right. A friend to celebrate with, and not just cry to. With a scent for every mum moment, this bag says I love and appreciate everything you do for me, now it's time to take a moment for yourself. Whether it's the 3in1 wash she puts by the sink as a reminder every time she washes her hands, that 30 minute bath that is the first time she has had time to breathe all week, or that scent wafting through the background helping to calm those frazzled nerves. Show mum you care.

  • 10% of the profit of each bag sale from our website will go the Mothers for Mothers charity which, for the last 40 years, has operated a helpline from our local hospital in Bristol, for mothers experiencing maternal mental illness. Ran by mothers, for mothers. 

  • The perfect gift for mothers day or birthdays

  • A scent for every mum moment.

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