Luscious Lips Wall Art

Luscious Lips Wall Art

Luscious Lips Wall Art

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Luscious Lips wall art,  can hang on any wall and would be a dream addition to any gallery wall. Adding in that different dimension.  

I hand make unusual wall Art. To start I make the original out of Plasticine  then cast a mould from that. The moulds are then cast in Gypsum plaster in limited quantities. Due to the nature of my art each mould only makes 50-100 castings depending so each one is a limited edition.   

Then once dry they are hand finished and painted.

                       Off the wall art, For your wall.

Easy to hang, comes with an embedded hook, easy to slip over a nail or picture hook.  

If in stock they will ship in 3-5 working days. 

Special requests may take longer and the Gypsum plaster takes a week to dry out properly, if I need to make a new casting it may take longer.

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