Flashmob / Singing

Flashmob / Singing

Flashmob / Singing

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Sometimes a good old sing song could be just what the Dr ordered.  Why not learn your chosen person's favourite song and sing it to them?  Or better still do you have a group of friends who would be willing to join in to create your very own home made flash mob where you can all unexpectedly sing your chosen person's favourite song to them when they least expect it?

Do you LOVE this idea but don't think your friends are likely to be talked into a flash mob or singalong? Reach out to Lizzie our Head of Feel Good who will help you find professionals who can offer this! Send her a WhatsApp or an email at lizzie.scholes@needi.co.uk and she will be delighted to help you find the right gift.

In the meantime you may like these music related gifts from Precious Little Things.

How to order? 

Add the voucher to your basket (no payment required of course) and complete the order. In the personalisation box below please include: 

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Once ordered, our feel good team will email you a personalised e-voucher ready to gift to your recipient. We’re all trying to do our bit to help the environment so why not send it as an e-voucher via email or purchase some seed paper to print it on. 

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