Cleaning voucher
Cleaning voucher
Cleaning voucher
Cleaning voucher
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This is a gift you can give on a scale of your choosing.  Anyone who usually does the cleaning will appreciate a helping hand so whether you're simply going to clean your bedroom, the dishes after dinner, the oven or fridge or go ‘all in’ and clean the house from top to bottom this will be a gift that will be gratefully received.  Why not make a voucher for each room in the house?  Or offer multiple vouchers to be used throughout the year? 

If you LOVE the idea of cleaning as a gift but don't have the time or capacity to offer the service of cleaning as a free gift yourself, WhatsApp us or email our Head of Feel Good who will find you a local cleaner in your chosen persons area or even a De-clutter professional who can help sort through any unwanted clutter!- you can walk away knowing not only did you help your loved one but you also helped a local UK business - everyone is a winner!

Cleaners are a GREAT gift for:

NEW MUMS AND DADS - adjusting to a new little life can be hard and it can be overwhelming trying to keep on top of chores at the same time - just a few days of additional help to clean can make the world of difference - our CEO is speaking from experience - she received a cleaner as a gift when her daughter was born and to this day describes it as "The Best Gift Ever!"

BUSY WORKERS - no matter what your job, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day! Some additional help cleaning will give back the most valuable gift of time, time to relax for a few hours.

JUST ANYONE WHO HATES CLEANING! - Let's be honest, most people would rather do a million things more than clean the house! A cleaner is a luxury not everyone can afford so giving someone a gift of a professional cleaning service will be well received by anyone who dreads chores!

How to order? 

Add the voucher to your basket (no payment required of course) and complete the order. In the personalisation box below please include: 

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Once ordered, our feel good team will email you a personalised e-voucher ready to gift to your recipient. We’re all trying to do our bit to help the environment so why not send it as an e-voucher via email or purchase some seed paper to print it on. 

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