Make your gift extra special with a personalised video gift message

The needi gifting experience

Here at needi we're all about delighting our customers with fabulous gifts whether you're giving or receiving – we know getting it right really matters.

We believe, every gift you buy should be an unforgettable experience for your recipient, making them feel special, unique and treasured.

That’s why all needi gifts come with a unique gift tag, displaying a personal video or voice message from you! So if you can’t be there in person, you’ll be there in a personal gift message.

needi for the gifts that matter.

1. Find THE Perfect gift

You can shop our beautiful collection or use our gift matching service to find the perfect gift for your chosen recipient.


Once you've added your gift to the basket, you'll see the option to 'add a video message'. Click the button for the video recording popup to appear, or for the camera shy you can record a voice message.


With your gift, our brilliant merchants will send out a beautiful gift tag with a unique reference code for your giftee to scan and view or hear your amazing gift message.

See how it works...


Frequently asked questions

Nothing at all, it's completely free and included with EVERY gift you buy from needi 🤗

The code your giftee gets will expire after 4 weeks and is for their first order with needi! If you have any questions please contact us using the chat button.