Last minute Christmas presents you can print at home right now!

It is never too late to find the perfect Christmas presents. Life gets so busy in December that before you know it you’re panic buying generic smellies at your local supermarket. But not this year. This year you’ll be able to buy some wonderful presents that your loved ones will really enjoy knowing that you really put the thought in – even as late as Christmas Eve! 

You can print these vouchers at home, pop them in a lovely Christmas card and proudly hand them over on Christmas day while you watch their faces light up with glee “Wow this is fantastic, thank you so much!” It really is that easy. Would you like some ideas? Ok, how about… 

For your Nanna (or anyone who loves cake) 

She’ll love some quality time with you, take her for a delightful Afternoon Tea. Our Gift Finders will be able to find one in a location convenient to you. Cakes, tea and perhaps some bubbles – what could be better?  

Afternoon Tea


For your partner  

Spend some quality time learning something new AND leave with two cool works of art to hang on your wall at home with this abstract art class! This 3 hour class includes tea and biscuits but you’re welcome to bring a bottle of wine if you fancy giving your artistic flair a bit of a nudge! If you go on a Saturday there’s a local food market too.  

Abstract Art class for two


For your mates 

Take a trip to Bournemouth and go on a beer bike tour! (We can find a similar experience closer to you – just ask a gift finder) Up to 12 people can cycle around listening to your own choice of music and you’ll take your own drinks so everyone can have their favourite tipple. We recommend handing this voucher over with a bottle of their favourite drink so they're ready for action! 

Bike Tour for friend groups


For any man in your life that wears shoes 

Yes, a weird title we know but hear us out – this experience is truly one of a kind, the lucky recipient of this gift will meet with a crafty cobbler to discuss creating a pair of completely custom shoes. This is an especially lovely gift for someone getting married or starting a new job.  

Handmade shoes


For your entire Family 

Treat your clan to a relaxing stay in the Yorkshire Dales, we’ve stayed here ourselves and can honestly tell you it’s a fabulous place, country walks and delicious food which happens to be plant based – there’s even a pub next door! If the Yorkshire Dales is too far to travel just let us know – we’ll find somewhere to suit.  

For your fun loving (annoying) siblings 

Take them out for a day of virtual adventure with this VR experience. There’s even an escape room game you can play together – perfect to settle a long standing rivalry of ‘who is the best’.  

For the house proud 

We all have friends and family who’s home is like an Instagrammers dream, they’ve organised their book case by colour, folded their towels into lotus flowers and their rug is always perpendicular to the sofa. They would love an afternoon out with you designing their own terrarium

Terrarium Plant Design Class


For your team at work (or you at home)

Happy people are up to 12% more productive so if you’ve got a team of people it’s a smart business move to make sure their wellbeing is looked after. Mindfulness sessions with Kareen are less Ommmmmmm and more OMG, this is what my mind has been missing! She brings zing to any workplace and you can also gift her mindfulness sessions to friends and family – idea for people who need a little bit of concentrated ‘me time’.  

Mindfulness Classes


For your Mum who needs to be reminded of how lovely she is 

Mums often give themselves to everyone else, it’s important to remind them that they are fabulous. Send your Mum out for a photoshoot! She’ll feel like a VIP for the day and will be able to say ‘damn, I look good’ when she sees the photos after. You could even treat her to some beauty treatments ahead of her shoot so she feels her most glamorous self.  

Photoshoot - last minute christmas gift 

For Kids (and Big Kids) 

Suitable for all ages this private skating lesson is a really fun activity for everyone. Whether it’s the Dad who wants to show off to his kids or a child who really wants to learn how to go pro. The sessions are even recorded so you can marvel at your ‘push and carve’ or laugh at your flip and fall afterwards! 

Private Skateboarding Lesson

For History Lovers 

Take your loved one on a journey back in time to 1605 and relive the Gunpowder plot, all senses will be explored as you interact with actors, taste on-theme food and cocktails and really feel what it was like to live through this moment in history. Brilliant for family, friends and even as a fun work day out.  

Gunpowder Plot

For overactive minds 

Some of us (and we include team needi) have brains that run a million miles an hour, we love to learn new skills but probably need help switching off from time to time. The origami workshop is a brilliant way to tick both boxes. Learning the Japanese technique of paper folding which encourages a calming concentration to master.  

Origami Master Class

For Sporty ones or ones who need a little nudge 

Personal training online or in life retreats that’ll kick start someone’s fitness goals – our PT has sessions to suit everyone. Her luxury fitness and wellbeing retreats are firmly on our gifting wishlist this year. Along with cheese and wine subscriptions of course – we like to keep it balanced!  

Re:vert fitness online classes


For the ‘impossible to buy for’  

Impossible is non-existent for our expert team of gift finders, they will ask you all the right questions to be able to find a gift your tricky to buy for person is guaranteed to love. Give it a try

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