How To Banish Gift-Giving Anxiety

We've all been there - suddenly waking up with the realisation that it's someone's birthday or a special occasion right around the corner, and that feeling of dread as you have no idea what to buy them. 


But why do we have this social anxiety when it comes to present buying?

Since the time of cave dwellers, gifts have been exchanged as a sign of appreciation and to strengthen relationships (although it was a bit easier back then in the shape of an unusual rock or an animal tooth). However, as time progressed, the number of reasons to give gifts increased with cultural celebrations such as Bat or Bar Mitzvahs, Eidi and Christmas, and gifts became more elaborate. Still, the fundamental reasons why we give gifts remains the same.

  • To show our love and appreciation
  • To build and strengthen relationships
  • To help others.

However, this is where the gift-giving anxiety kicks in, as giving a gift isn't always as straightforward as buying a pair of socks or picking up some petrol station flowers to convey the message I care about you. Every gift is tied with emotional, psychological and social connections - your gift speaks volumes to the person receiving it.

In 1999, a study of 129 people described a situation in which they received a gift; ten people spoke about gifts that damaged their relationship, while two ended their relationships after the gift - talk about make or break! 

Now fast-forward to today and throw in the pressures of social media, and the gift-giving anxiety goes through the roof, as everyone and their dog can see what type of gift buyer you are and what it says about your relationship with that person.

With the pressure we and society put on ourselves when it comes to our gift buying antics, we often feel that more is better or the more cash we splash, the better received the gift is; however, this isn't the case. 

With UK households spending an average of £500 on gifts during the Christmas season, it's sad to learn that as much as £700 million worth of Christmas gifts are unwanted (and sent to landfill) each year - now that is something we should feel anxious about. 

However, we can change these statistics by giving gifts that you know they will love, which means something to them and shows them that you know them. We know that many will think what a silly sentence, but it really is that easy, and needi are here to help you find the perfect gift with our gift matching service.

Through our intelligent gift-matching technology, we will help you find the perfect gift simply by asking you a few questions about the recipient, such as:

  • What things they are interested in, music, films etc.
  • What types of food and drink do they like
  • What hobbies they have

Once we have your answers, we will connect you with local, independent merchants who will work their magic to create or supply the perfect gift for you.

“She loved it so much! It made her cry… such a thoughtful gift!”

— One delighted needi customer

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go for your next upcoming celebration, see just how stress-free it really is, and banish that gifting anxiety for good!

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