Free Gifts that mean more than money.

It's easy to believe a great gift is directly related to the cost of that gift, however, have you ever thought, the cost of a gift wouldn't matter if the gift itself has no relevance to the recipient?  

A top of the range bicycle costing thousands could be perfect to a cycling enthusiast but is useless if given to someone who hates cycling.  Likewise a Caribbean holiday may be seen as a luxury, but to someone who doesn't like flying and hates hot climates the cost spent on that gift becomes irrelevant and can actually have the opposite effect of what you hoped to achieve, highlighting how little you know someone.

The best gifts without doubt are those that come from the heart, the gift that says I know YOU, I took time out and thought of YOU, YOU are important to me, I considered YOU and I got you this because I think YOU would love it.

One of the easiest, most valuable gifts a person can give is their time - we live in a world now that’s so busy and fast paced people just don't have ‘time’ anymore - time to stop, time to reconnect, time to ask how someone is and listen for their answer.  When was the last time you spent time with your loved ones?  As in, quality, eye to eye contact, device free time, time invested in that person with no other distractions - that's a gift you can give anyone and a gift that is 100% unique to you!

A present that’ll make someone feel really special is to spend your time creating a keepsake with all of the reasons that person is special to you, let them know the way they make you belly laugh is a skill no one else can match; that the look they give you when you don't expect it still gives you butterflies in your tummy; the strength they show when the world is against them is inspiring;  you value the role model they are to your children;  how important they are to you - this gift reminds people of the positive impact they create that they often don’t even know and is guaranteed to bring smiles and a feeling of appreciation to the recipient.

You could create a memory box of all the amazing memories you’ve made together - the best thing about memories is we all remember them differently so whilst you can recall situations together your memories may be completely different - you may have memories of a person or music whilst your loved one may have focused on the smell of the room or decorations, by reminiscing together you can extend both your memories, relive and strengthen those memories, keeping them fresh in your minds for years to come.

If you are a creative person perhaps paint a picture or write a poem it doesn't have to be perfect it just needs to be personal and if all else fails helping your loved one to create more time for themselves to spend how they would like is always a winner - vouchers to babysitcookclean are all ideal options. 

We have created a full collection of free thoughtful gifts allowing anyone, no matter what their budget or indeed even if they have no budget, the opportunity to give a gift to show someone they care.

Happy gifting.

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