Empowering your team for the new school year

As summer winds down, the back-to-school season presents unique opportunities and challenges for businesses with staff who have children. Balancing work and family responsibilities during this time can be daunting. However, with a friendly and understanding approach, you can support your team as they navigate the new school year while maintaining productivity at work. 

Here are some of our top tips to make the process smoother than a seal eating smooth peanut butter while listening to Barry White:

Flexible Work Arrangements: Consider offering flexible working hours or remote work options to accommodate school drop-offs and pick-ups. This allows parents to be present for their children while fulfilling their professional duties.

Clear Communication: Encourage open dialogue with your team about their needs and commitments during this period. Understanding their schedules and challenges will foster a supportive work environment.

Workload Prioritisation: Help your team manage their workload by prioritising tasks and setting realistic expectations. This ensures that they can balance work and family commitments effectively.

Encourage Time Management: Suggest time management techniques, such as setting daily goals and using productivity tools, to help everyone stay organised and focused on their work.

Create a Supportive Team Environment: Foster a team culture that encourages empathy and cooperation. Colleagues can offer support and cover for each other when needed, enhancing camaraderie in the workplace.

Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge your teams’ accomplishments, both personally and professionally. Recognising their efforts can boost morale and motivation during the school season.

Treat your team to some thoughtful gifts: By investing in thoughtful gifts, you’re building a workplace culture that prioritises employee well-being and encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Here are our top gift ideas to help make the school transition that bit easier:

Healthy Snack Box: Provide your team with a selection of nutritious snacks to grab on busy school mornings. A healthy snack box can keep them energised throughout the day.

Gift idea: Office 50 Piece Healthy Snack Box

Office 50 Piece Healthy Snack Box

Personalised Water Bottle: Treat your team to a personalised water bottle for their little one - this is bound to add a touch of joy to their children's day. Practical and thoughtful, this gift will surely be appreciated and parents will be safe in the knowledge that kids won’t bring someone else’s bottle home because it’ll have their name on it!

Gift idea: Personalised Stainless Steel Water Bottle 500ml

Personalised Stainless Steel Water Bottle 500ml

Calming Desk Accessories: Help your team create a tranquil workspace with calming desk accessories, like plants or stress-relief gadgets. A serene environment can help channel productivity.

Gift idea: Desk Brighteners - Medium Plants with Pot & Tray

Desk Brightners - Medium Plants with Pot & Tray

Planner and Organisers: Offer stylish planners and organisers to help your staff manage their schedules effectively, both at work and in their home life; as we all know, a child's social life is hard to keep up with at the best of times!

Gift idea: Undated weekly planner - Great Things Ahead

Undated weekly planner - Great Things Ahead

By putting some of these tips into action and gifting thoughtful presents, you're not only showing your support for your team during the back-to-school season but also creating a workplace full of warmth and understanding. Your team's well-being and work-life balance are crucial to the effective day-to-day running of your business; a happy and supported team leads to higher productivity and a positive work environment.

Let's support each other in creating a smooth transition for our families and make this school season the best one yet!

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